How can you and your business benefit from working with me?

Here’s what my wonderful clients are saying about my offerings...

“It’s an absolute no brainer to work with Ryll.”

“I’ve had some successes in the past but I also knew that there were things that weren’t really working for me. I wasn’t in alignment with what I wanted to achieve with my company and I’d been trying to figure it out for years. Thankfully I started working with Ryll and having a fresh pair of eyes and perspective was so cool. Working with Ryll, I got that I can create a business with all of the values that I have incorporated into it in a really quick and sustainable way. In terms of my financial goals, working with her made me see how I could hit a multi-million dollar business very strategically, very reliably and taking very low risks in a space of 3-5 years. It’s an absolute no brainer to work with Ryll.”

Dionne Payn

Owner, Subdivide & Profit

“The last two days have been single-handedly the best investment I’ve ever made in terms of my own business growth and strategy.”

“I’m super excited about what we just mapped out. The last two days have been single-handedly the best investment I’ve ever made in terms of my own business growth and strategy. It’s amazing to have a finite plan of financials, understand what resources we need, and what actions I need to take over the next 6-12 months to ensure the business delivers on what I want as a business owner. Ryll, you are supremely intelligent and extremely down to earth. I’m super excited about what the future has to hold!”

Vanessa Main

Director, LOFT Inc

“Working with Ryll was one of the best business experiences that I’ve ever had. The real impact for me was that she helped me see and capture what’s important to me as a person and in the business. Having Ryll there next to me was a godsend. She was 100% committed to getting the job done. Even after we finished our sessions, Ryll has given me advice, she’s joined the advisory board, and proofread a recent information memorandum for our capital funding round of $2 million. For anyone who would like clearer direction in the business and more ROI, or even finding new ideas because you’re feeling stagnant, I highly recommend working with Ryll. We more than doubled our projected revenues with her help!”

Steve O'Halloran

Founder, Azure Financial Services

“What came out of it, far exceeded our expectations"

“It was an amazing experience. We got to rewrite our intention, vision and mission as a company. It sounds really simple, but it really wasn’t! Even though the business is 17 years old and we thought we knew who we are and what we were doing, it was an amazing process to clarify exactly what our business is and where we think we’re going as a team. A lot got covered over those two days, and we received a lot of feedback and honesty from Ryll. There were a lot of things that needed to be cleared amongst the team so we could move forward. The process of setting our five-year goal was just incredible. To see it mapped out in such a simple way helped us make a very clear plan for our business. And now everything we do must be in alignment with our intention, vision and mission. It also showed us areas of the business that we needed to focus on in order to achieve our goals and prioritise our projects. The whole process was really transformative for me. It made me stop and think about my role in the business. I considered the things I needed to stop doing and start doing. What came out of it far exceeded our expectations. It was exciting and we had so much fun. I highly recommend working with Ryll!”

Joanna James

Former General Manager, Mortgage Ezy

"Even with covid-19, we've had one of our most profitable years ever!"

“Ryll really helped us on getting clear with our strategy and then getting clear on all of the bits that needed to support that. We became clear on the values of the firm, on what our teams and structure would look like, our product offerings, and then helping us to actually take that and make that practical. So she didn’t only help us with our strategy, but she did an amazing job helping us with implementation. The benefit of getting Ryll involved was seen within a couple of days. Ryll is very direct and doesn’t pull any punches.”

Edward Poot

General Manager New Zealand, Catalyze APAC