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"Ryll changes businesses, she impacts lives."

“I wanted Ryll to know, I wanted everyone to know, what an amazing not only speaker or presenter she is but an incredible human being with a servant’s heart because what she does, she doesn’t just add value – she changes businesses, she impacts lives. And Ryll, I appreciate you, I appreciate your message, I am grateful for all that you have done for our business, for the people in our event, and I know this is going to change lives, thank you very much!”

Dr. Marcos Chacos

Founder of Provolution Health

“Ryll is a force to be reckoned with.”

“There are none better then Ryll Burgin-Doyle. She is an unbelievably sharp marketing mind, unbelievable at sales and more recently strategy. Ryll has been through the absolute highs of business and lows of business. She knows sales, she knows marketing and she knows strategy. She gets her hands dirty ad she works tirelessly for anyone she advises. Ryll is a force to be reckoned with. She knows how to make money, she knows how to help people make money and she knows how to keep it. If you’re looking to hire Ryll as your coach or consultant, I highly recommend her. You’ll find none better.”

Rob Nixon

CEO and Founder of Profitable Partners

“Ryll pulls no punches and makes an incredible difference to the people and the organisations that are lucky enough to work with her.”

“Every so often, something happens that we remember for life. Meeting Ryll, hiring her and working with her, was one of the most rewarding joys of my life. The only way to describe Ryll is rare. It’s unlikely you will ever meet someone like her. She is a business genius. She does things that most of us in marketing would never even think to do. She builds amazing business for people as a direct result. Ryll pulls no punches and makes an incredible difference to the people and the organisations that are lucky enough to work with her. Connect with Ryll right now. I really am sure you will remember it for a lifetime as well.”

Paul Dunn

Chairman of B1G1

“Even with COVID-19, we’ve had one of our most profitable years ever!”

“Ryll really helped us on getting clear with our strategy and then getting clear on all of the bits that needed to support that. We became clear on the values of the firm, on what our teams and stucture would look like, our product offerings, and then helping us to actually take that and make that practical. So she didn’t only help us with our strategy, but she did an amazing job helping us with implementation. The benefit of getting Ryll involved was seen within a couple of days. Ryll is very direct and doesn’t pull any punches.”

Edward Poot

General Manager New Zealand, Catalyze APAC

“I definitely achieved what I was aiming for and solved other things along the way.”

“The major thing that we were missing was the marketing aspect. I wanted to unblock some ways to tap into our target market and gain clarity on our vision. The difference it’s made is that I’ve taken action so there have been more opportunities even in difficult times. I definitely achieved what I was aiming for and solved other things along the way. For example, we had some existing clients sign up which equaled nearly $50,000 worth of deals. It was because I could articulate our process using the diagram Ryll helped us create. This has given me more confidence to lead the business, and more confidence that people need our service. Her expertise in marketing but also her understanding and compassion on what we’re trying to do.”

David Hubbard

Founding Director, Cinch Finance & Operations

“It’s an absolute no brainer to work with Ryll.”

“I’ve had some successes in the past but I also knew that there were things that weren’t really working for me. I wasn’t in alignment with what I wanted to achieve with my company and I’d been trying to figure it out for years. Thankfully I started working with Ryll and having a fresh pair of eyes and perspective was so cool. Working with Ryll, I got that I can create a business with all of the values that I have incorporated into it in a really quick and sustainable way. In terms of my financial goals, working with her made me see how I could hit a multi-million dollar business very strategically, very reliably and taking very low risks in a space of 3-5 years. It’s an absolute no brainer to work with Ryll.”

Dionne Payn

Owner, Subdivide & Profit

“I love their unique style of teaching - it’s outstanding.”

“We sought Ryll and Craig’s help to improve our performance and leadership. I love their unique style of teaching – it’s outstanding. Ryll imparted a lot of great information and was very engaging. We all had fun and learned a lot so we loved it. She adds so much value so it’s a no-brainer – just do it!”

Lucy Whelan

CEO, Joe's Garage Franchise Services Ltd

“The results were fantastic!”

“We were looking to inspire our franchisees to achieve lofty goals. The results were fantastic. Everyone was inspired during the strategy intensives and we came away with more responsible and informed leaders. Ryll’s achieved a lot. She’s very wise, an active listener and humble. I love listening to her she’s amazing!”

James "Chief" Whelan

Director, Joe's Garage Franchise Services Ltd, Founder, Lone Star Restaurants New Zealand

“Now I can see a clear path to my big, lofty goals!”

“We were doing well but I have much bigger dreams and couldn’t see the path to get to where I wanted to. I also wanted to find more purpose in my business and build a secondary business. What I got out of it was a reality check. What I thought were big dreams were really small and I could think a lot bigger. Now I can see a clear path to those goals. When I went down the avenue to create a business I thought was looking for, we accidentally created another business which was really cool. It’s heavily automated and leveraged, and it’s going to be a cash cow. For anyone who’s thinking of working with Ryll – if you’ve got a big dream and you want clarity on how to get there, then you should absolutely do it.”

Peter Baumann

Director, Freedom Road Developments

“The last two days have been single-handedly the best investment I’ve ever made in terms of my own business growth and strategy.”

“I’m super excited about what we just mapped out. The last two days have been single-handedly the best investment I’ve ever made in terms of my own business growth and strategy. It’s amazing to have a finite plan of financials, understand what resources we need, and what actions I need to take over the next 6-12 months to ensure the business delivers on what I want as a business owner. Ryll, you are supremely intelligent and extremely down to earth. I’m super excited about what the future has to hold!”

Vanessa Main

Director, LOFT Inc

“Today, my business is thriving a lot more.”

“One of the tangible things I’ve gained working with Ryll is a shift in mindset. I struggle a little bit with those business development calls. I’ve come to realize thats what I’m doing that I’m adding value – I’m not actually putting people out to make them work with me. The second thing was getting clear on the business’ financial planning. Today, my business is thriving a lot more. I appreciate Ryll’s understanding of business and fresh perspective. The ROI is absolutely worth it. You’ll end up being able to be better at what you do so it’s a worthy investment.”

David Curwen

Director, Curwen Environmental

“I’ll be frank – I was a little bit reluctant to retain an external moderator lead our management training because, at our company, we really pride ourselves in our people and management. I was afraid that the training wouldn’t be well received by our team. I was also concerned that our agenda wouldn’t be followed. What actually happened was quite different. Ryll took into account what everybody’s goals and desires were. She helped develop an even stronger alliance between the team and fostered a situation where we were all on board with skin in the game for our next 5 years of growth. We owe a great deal to Ryll. Whether you’re a traditional organization or someone who’s unique and innovative, her diverse array of skills will bring a lot of value to you and your team.”

Peter James

Founder & CEO, Mortgage Ezy

“Working with Ryll was one of the best business experiences that I’ve ever had. The real impact for me was that she helped me see and capture what’s important to me as a person and in the business. Having Ryll there next to me was a godsend. She was 100% committed to getting the job done. Even after we finished our sessions, Ryll has given me advice, she’s joined the advisory board, and proofread a recent information memorandum for our capital funding round of $2 million. For anyone who would like clearer direction in the business and more ROI, or even finding new ideas because you’re feeling stagnant, I highly recommend working with Ryll. We more than doubled our projected revenues with her help!”

Steve O'Halloran

Founder, Azure Financial Services

“It was an amazing experience. During the two day workshop, we got to rewrite our intention, vision and mission as a company. It sounds really simple, but it really wasn’t! Even though the business is 17 years old and we thought we knew who we are and what we’re doing, it was an amazing process to clarify exactly what our business is and where we think we’re going as a team. A lot that got covered over those two days, and we received a lot of feedback and honesty from Ryll. There were a lot of things that needed to be cleared amongst the team so we could move forward. The process of setting our five-year goal was just incredible. To see it mapped out in such a simple way helped us make a very clear plan for our business. And now everything we do must be in alignment with our intention, vision and mission. It also showed us areas of the business that we needed to focus on in order to achieve our goals and prioritize our projects. The whole process was really transformative for me. It made me stop and think about my role in the business. I considered the things I needed to stop doing and start doing. What came out of it far exceeded our expectations. It was exciting and we had so much fun. I highly recommend working with Ryll!”

Joanna james

General Manager, Mortgage Ezy

“I was really skeptical about bringing on an outside facilitator for the workshop, but I’m happy to say that all of the goals on our list were addressed, and all of them were given a step by step plan on how to accomplish them and where they fit in the company, not only for this year but also for 5 years down the road. She kept us on track, which has never happened with our executive team in other workshops. I would highly recommend working with Ryll in any type of format with regard to goal planning!”

Joanne ormand

Operations Manager, Manila Philippines, Mortgage Ezy

“It was probably one of the meetings we’ve ever had. There were a lot of details covered. We ended up doing a 5-year business plan which is something we needed to do. The whole process of the workshop helped us bond as a team. The outcome was excellent. Ryll was an awesome facilitator and she was very strong-willed and managed us and our time very well. A big thumbs up from me.”

Daryl white

Head of Group Credit, Mortgage Ezy

My business partner and I liked her get up and go type personality, we needed someone who was pushing us to be our best selves. Our network all said good things to say about her. The first thing that occurred to me was her commitment to us getting great results. That was exceptional.  It was what we really needed. She was really there with us for the journey, she wasn’t just sitting back. We covered so much ground in two days. The business has grown from 2 to 7 people in the last 12 months and now we have a very successful office in Canberra and a better resourced office in New Zealand. Shift in mindset, self-confidence to make necessary investments and new lens on the finance of the business, being more proactive in that aspect.

Paul Gordon

Founder & CEO, Catalyze APAC

She gave me direction and strategy and helped me figure out how to survive through the COVID crisis. I’ve developed clearer financial modelling and a structure around where I’m going from here. Today my business looks like that it has a goal to strive toward. I appreciated feeling heard and taken seriously. If you have a chance to work with Ryll, jump right in. She reminded me of the potential in my business at a time when it was all looking very bleak.

Ep Weatherland

Founder, The Barber Van

Ryll helped me gain clarity around my company structure, vision, mission and intent. We’re working on the business model now too. There was a sense of optimism and positivity throughout our time together. I’ve gained more confidence in myself to make changes needed. If you want to gain clarity and fresh perspectives on your business, definitely enlist Ryll’s help.

Hitesh Vachharajani

Head of Marketing Operations, 3M

“After our first day together, I was already moving my calendar around so we could schedule Ryll again. She’s got an unbelievable amount of experience. It’s mind-blowing. When she creates a strategy for your business, it simplifies everything so you can implement that strategy and start seeing results right away. The potential is just unbelievable. After 6 weeks of implementing the strategy she helped us outline and thinking differently, we had our best month in over 10 years of being in business. Our net profit was 150% higher than in our previous best month! We can’t wait to work with Ryll again.”


Owners, Hoseright & Bluebird Childcare

There’s this nuturing nature about Ryll, which I love. The solutions she developed came from left of center which was amazing. I loved springboarding ideas of her and how she helped me look at a whole different strategy for doing business. She gave me the clairty that I really needed to move forward and now I fel so empowered as a business owner. Everything else is like water off a duck’s back whereas before I was stressing over things. In terms of numbers, the business was 40% up in July during COVID. For the first time in a long time I’m enjoying what I’m doing. The clarity I now have in my strategy is phenomenal and I’m going in a totally different direction from my competition which is great. Ryll will overdeliver constantly.

Paolo Franceschini

General Manager, Glenyville & Tesoro Jewellery

“You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s how we started our meeting with Ryll, we had lots we wanted to achieve. At first I though why do we even need a facilitator, surely we as an executive team with decades of experience can do it ourselves. But as we progressed my opinion began to change. We really needed someone who had a different perspective than us and had done this before. She provided insights into what we needed to achive that we hadn’t even considered before. We came out of those meetings with a greater purpose, sense of who we are as a team and clarity on what we will achieve in the next 5, 10 years.”

Patrick Ormond

Chief Technology Officer, Mortgage Ezy