Tech Strategy: It’s All About Leverage

If you’re not leveraging tech as a business in the connected and online world we live in today, then you need to change that immediately. If you leverage tech appropriately, the market is so much more accessible to you; you could almost treat countries like zip codes whereas before, they seemed far or out of reach.

We have the opportunity to be in any market in the world thanks to the amazing technology we have at our disposal!

The other key around tech is a term defined by an incredible human being and futurist named R. Buckminster Fuller called ephemeralization, which means doing more with less. 

Fundamentally, your tech strategy is all about leverage.

Not sure how to take advantage of tech and develop a solid strategy? 

Consider these three things when building out your tech strategy:

1. How are you positioned in the market and are you making it easy for people to do business with you?

For example, is your website helping you get results?

As much as 50% of businesses don’t have websites. I can’t even fathom that! It’s absolutely critical to have a powerful website. In addition to showing how amazing your business and team are, it needs to add value to visitors somehow. Think case studies, how-tos, blogs etc. 


  • Is your business on all the right platforms?
  • Should you have your own app? Do you need to build your own software?

2. Tech must drive productivity, efficiency and communication

Ask yourself if your tech is helping your team be more productive, efficient and communicative. Don’t add to your tech stack just for sake of it. For example, is a certain software helping you reduce human error? Is this a new platform you’ve adopted helping your sales team close more sales?

3. Ensure your tech is cohesive and manage how many platforms your team is using

Consider the following:

  • Who is the tech for? 
  • How is it going to increase the quality of life for my team? 
  • How it will enhance the quality of the process to deliver either in marketing, sales, operations or finance? 
  • How is it going to increase the positive experience of being part of our brand and culture?

Learn how to create a powerful tech strategy to drive your business to new heights…

At the end of the day, your tech strategy needs to drive performance and get tangible results. Sometimes businesses will add tech when it’s just not necessary or they’ll do it half baked without doing the proper thinking and planning for the outcomes and organization-wide implementation.

If you use tech properly, you’ll open up new opportunities like entering new markets and working with new talent.