Sales Strategy: You Don’t Need More Leads!

This might be surprising, but most businesses don’t actually need more leads to get more sales. Unless they’re not doing things like using the right marketing channels, being consistent in their messaging and clearly defining their audience or they’re a brand new business – generally what happens is that businesses need to do a better job with the leads that they already have.

So how do you do that?

Track Your Conversion Rates

Tracking your conversion rates – by product/service, salesperson etc. Even to this day, it shocks me how many businesses, even large enterprises, fail to track their conversions properly. You should even track non-qualified people who are coming into the sales funnel. These numbers are important to drive marketing decisions.

To get more sales, you should focus on lifting your conversion rate, which is a lot cheaper and easier than trying to constantly attract new leads.

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How to View Yourself as a “Salesperson”

Oftentimes, people, even salespeople, will subconsciously, believe that they don’t want to be seen as a salesman or saleswoman. Think of the word salesperson, what comes to mind? If you’re being honest about it, you may think of the words lying, cheating, in it for the money, and untrustworthy. If those are the thoughts that are running in the background, you’re going to have problems making some sales.

It’s time to change your perspective.

Here’s the way to do that – Ask yourself, “Is someone better with me or not? Are they better for purchasing from me?” If the answer is yes, then you should come from a whole different place when you’re selling. If you’re selling a good product and service, then you’ve got good intentions. You’re genuinely making a difference to a person buying from you. Whatever you’re selling, something in the experience or in the product or service itself is adding value.

Now, if the answer is no, then you’ve got to work on that first.

But if you’re adding value and making people’s lives better in some way (like most people), think of your role this way: If you’re unable to show people that you are the best person to purchase from, then you’ve done your prospect or customer a disservice. 

Let’s say you’re great at your job and they still don’t buy your product or service even after spending time with you, what does that person have to do now? They have to spend more time to find someone who can solve their problems, who are likely not going to do as good of a job as you (assuming you’re great at what you do and genuinely want to help people).

When you look at selling as being of great service to your customers, you’ll do your absolute best to demonstrate you are the best business or person from whom to make a purchase.

It’s time to develop a foolproof sales strategy for your business.

Other Considerations for Your Sales Strategy

  • Does your sales team have what they need to be effective (e.g. collateral)?
  • How competitive are you in the market?
  • Have you reviewed the sales processes?
  • How are your people actually taking leads and customers through the funnel (e.g. scripting)?
  • Which offers, promos and bundles should you offer?
  • Have you communicated your USP? Even your sales process can be your differentiator.
  • Risk removal – what are you doing in terms of guarantees?
  • Implement regular and detailed follow-up. 

There is so much that businesses can do without getting another single lead. Don’t leave money on the table!

It’s time to develop a foolproof sales strategy for your business.